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Thursday, January 13, 2011


it's not gross.
it's just the beginning of
sound's good right?
well it is!
and easy.
there's going to be more talking than ususal
because this takes some explanation.
(scroll down to get straight to the recipe)
i've been experimenting with nut milks for a few weeks.
here's why:
1. organic cow milk is expensive
(organic dairy is pretty important to me
because there are so many hormones otherwise),
and the cows still get a rough deal at the farm.
yes, organic doesn't always mean nice. *gasp*
2. mike is allergic to lactose.
lactose-free milk is expensive.
3. soy milk is just bad. it tastes like hay and it's
got a ton of estrogen in it which they've recently
discovered over time can really mess with your body.
surprise surprise.
4. soy and all other nut milks are full of weird stabilizers and
preservatives and artificial flavours.
turns out, the homemade version is
and tastier.
it's a win - win - win - win.
the only special equipment is a blender or food processor.

STEP ONE is to decide what kind of nut you want.
start with raw, unadultered.
no blanched please.
i tried peanut, but they were blanched peanuts.
your milk is only going to be as good
as the ingredients you start with.
almond is pretty cheap and good.
this almond-coconut concoction was EXTREMELY tasty.
toast the almonds and coconut
(seperately cause the almonds take longer)
then soak them over night, in the fridge.
3/4 c almonds
1/4 cup shredded coconut
(3-4 dates for sweetness - optional -
you can sweeten it later with something else)
4-5 cups water
will produce 3-4 cups milk.
i use a plastic 4 c measure , put the nuts in the bottom then fill it with water.
let it soak overnight.
put it in your blending machine with some sweetener,
like honey, i use 2 Tbsp,
and a lil cinnamon.
then blend the @#$% out of it.
i put it in my vitamix for 1-2 minutes.
i don't know the science behind it, but it's like the water penetrates the
nut flesh and when it's blended it releases all the tasty goodness.
then just strain it.
you could use a fine-mesh strainer, cheesecloth or meshy fabric.
if you find the milk still grainy, let it settle a bit and
you should be able to scoop the remaining sediment
(mike calls it the "insoluble fraction")
off the top.
the leftover mush is LIKE nut butter, but not.
use it in baking,
feed it to the animals,
put it in your compost,
but please don't garbage it!
it's good stuff!
and that's that.
keep the milk in the fridge.
i don't know how long it stays good for because it never lasts long here.
probably up to a week.
also i froze a bunch of fruit for future smoothie making.
buck brand oranges and organic bananas are on sale.
up next are apples.
if you haven't had an orange-yogurt-ice smoothie yet,
you haven't lived.
i don't believe in recipes in general,
but especially not for smoothies.
i mean COME ON.
this is something you'll just have to figure out for yourself.
you can do it.
you figured out how to use a computer didn't cha?
and the interweb?
you're basically a genius.
goat yogurt,
maybe banana,
some ice maybe,
that's how we do breakfast/lunch/dinner or dessert up in here.

coming up next
atichoke-spinach-vegetable-casserole dip
mint-"oreo"-soy ice cream.


  1. Okay... this post freaked me out enough about soy milk that I didn't buy it on my last grocery trip.. instead, I bought bulk almonds and coconut. I have to say... your recipe was so easy and deliciously AMAZING. I was more than just a little pleasantly surprised! I didn't even need to add any sweetener... the toasted coconut and almonds gave off so much yummy flavour just by themselves. I don't know if I will ever go back to soy milk after this!!! So much yum and so little of the weirdo hormones and chemically stuff woohoo! I am a super fan!!!! LOVE it cuz! Keep up the good work! Very inspiring!

  2. i'm so glad you tried it,
    it's hard to convince people how easy and good it is.
    did you find it grainy?
    i'm going to make your bannock cookies next,
    i've never heard of them before.
    i've had bannock but the cookie version looks