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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


it's snowing, kind of.
mostly it's wet.
and cold.
mike finished a big project at school,
so i promised him a dairy-free treat.

buck brand oranges are reliably delicious.
and organic.
and affordable!
you can only find them at thrifty foods.

mayo cake, so called because
it has mayo instead of eggs or oil/butter,
is a great recipe to know if you are friends
with any dairy-intolerants.
i made a cake, but had batter left over for 12 cupcakes.
i iced and coconutted the cake.

this is our messy kitchenette.
i made mike grease and flour the dish.

this batter is so easy.
and it's delicious.
all you need is a bowl and a whisk.
or a spoon,
but i recommend a whisk.
why make those complicated ones
that involve whipping butter and sugar and adding eggs one at a time....
no thanks.
im gunna make delicious cake in 1 minute,
not 15.
i'll put the amounts at the bottom,
but as for directions...
mix the dry.
then add the wet.
dont overmix.
bake at 350F,
22 ish min for cupcakes.
32 ish minutes for 12x12 cake.

i did make frosting,
and brought out the beaters for that,
because when you whip up the butter and icing sugar
it makes it so fluffy and go farther.
so there.

this is the basic recipe.
add orange zest (what i did) or
chocolate chips, chunks,
or whatever you want.
figure it out.

2 c flour (sub 1/4 for cocoa powder if you want choco cake)
2 t soda
1/2 t salt
1/2 c sugar (this is already low, i might add more for choco ones)
1 c mayo
1 c water, milk, buttermilk, orange juice or any liquid
1 t vanilla

you might find you need to add
a little less or a little more liquid.
these things happen.

icing sugar
orange juice
orange zest
(just whip it up, baby!)

alright, alright,
if you are not familiar with frosting
just start with some butter (1/4 - 1/2 cup)
some icing sugar (1 - 1 1/2c)
add liquid Tbsp at a time till desired consistency.

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