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Friday, January 28, 2011


this is probably my favourite soup.
a creamy butternut or
hearty mulligatawny
would be tied for deliciousness.
but this is by far the easiest.
i mean, all soup is easy.
but this is the easiest.
and the most delicious.
it wins all the awards.

i don't know who "Gary" is,
or why i call it that,
because my friend Tina introduced me to it.
i think Gary was a friend of hers.
he was on to something.
this was our SOS soup at the Demitasse when we
didn't have a lot of time or supplies,
cuz we always had the ingredients lying around
and it requires almost no effort.
but the people loved it!

you will probably have the ingredients in the cupboard.
but here it is:
(sautee it obv)(with butter or oil or WHATEVER. you know i don't care.)
something like but not necessarily:
dried herbs
then there's one weird thing
you probably don't have but should,
and you can do it without
but it's really somethin else if you can find it:
lime leaves
sounds weird i know but they have em at thriftys with the fresh herbs,
and you can freeze whatever you don't use and they will last a looooong time.
canned tomatoes
(any kind - diced, whole, crushed whatever YOU want.)
broth, maybe, if you want it thinner
coconut milk
lime juice
(or serve it with a wedge)
i always add other vegetables
(this time it was a yam)
to add oomph.

that's it.
i know, right?
next time you're starving and your brain doesn't have the
power to think creatively about what to do with
pantry supplies,
find your soup haven.

next time you're at the store,
or in sri lanka,
grab some lime leaves and keep them in your freezer.

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