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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


meet my new tea cozy.
i made it from an old toque.
i added the pompom,
i don't think "skates" is cool enough yet
to put pompoms on their toques.

i saw these potatoes made by
omfg yum.

it was recommended to me to parboil them for 15 min,
but next time i'm not gunna do that.
it's not necessary.

i find baked potatoes come out crispier
if they are not parboiled.
and since they are all sliced up, they take
way less time than a regular baked potato.

cram the crevices with garlic slivers.
a mandoline helps.
try to close the potato back up on the garlic,
pour olive oil over everything,
and put chunks of butter on the potatoes
so it melts down into the potato.
bake for 40 min-hour at 440F.
salt, pepper, herbs.
you know the drill.
i think "traditionally" these are topped with pesto or
something green.
but i felt like baked beans.
beans, salsa, maple syup,
on a baked potato.
makes this a nice round meal don't it?
oh ya and sour cream.


  1. I'm gonna make the cake & potatoes today. Thanks for the ideas, great comfort food on a snowy day.
    Auntie Len

  2. DOUBLE YUM! I am definitely going to have to try this for dinner this week!