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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


if you've never worked with them before,
i recommend lookin through them
and if you see any that don't look like the others,
or like they might be little stones
(apparently sometimes there are stones but i've never gotten one)
take em out!
but you don't have to be super picky.
with lentils, it's not about individuality.

put some in a pot (however much you want to eat
p.s. they don't expand a lot like beans and rice)
and just cover with water or stock.
bring to a boil.
turn down a little.
add water if you need to.
cook 25 min or so.
all lentils are different.
google it if you need more information.

however, if you want to make a lentil stew,
cook them for 15 min,
then add a ton of veg and stuff.
i like to cook the onions separately so they get all delicious.
and i made some meatballs, then deglazed the pan and through them in
with their juices.
above is lentils that have cooked for 15 min or so,
then i added
a cooked onion (with like a lot of spices...
sweet potato,
an apple,
and other stuff i can't remember cause i made it yesterday okay?
i love meatballs made with sausage meat.
it's so tasty.
the best is if you have frozen sausage,
just run it under hot water
till the casing slips off easily,
then chop em up into chunks (like above)
and toss em in a hot pan with a lil grease.

till they look like that.

then toss em into your big pot of stew,
put a lil water in the HOT pan,
to get all the drippings,
and spatula all that in.
oh ya.
that's what im talking about on an 8 degree, rainy victoria day.

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