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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i know what you're thinking.
"wtf is a lunch muffin?"
well it's stuff all held together with
flour and egg
in a muffin shape
that you can eat for lunch.
it's a savory muffin is what i'm saying.
these were just going to be your run-of-the-mill
but then i realized i had some frozen peas to use up,
some jicama,
and scraps of sour cream and cream cheese.
we all know how good apple and cheese are together.
well the jicama is similar to the apple.
these muffins are like a quiche-y,
vegetabley bread.
i'm not selling them so good am i?
next time i will def put some apple chunks in too.
did you know it's Popeye Day?
(hence the spinach in the muffins).
i cooked all the liquid out of the veg,
so you don't end up with soggy muffins.
this woulda been good on it's own....
i think chopping up the cheese for stuff like this,
or scones,
is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better cause
you get bigger, melty cheesey bits.
mmmm melty cheesey bits.
mix it up!
but not too much!
the dough for these is thicker than normal muffin batter.
don't go adding a ton of water,
there is still liquid in those veg that will help out in the oven.
so i basically made this recipe,
but less cheese,
more salt,
and like 3 cups cooked veg.

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