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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


started my first day at the new job today.
i'm a delivery girl.
well i will be soon, i'm still training so don't
ask me to deliver you anything just yet.

first step of salad rolls is to make all the yummy fillings.
this may include some cooking...

(clockwise from top left):
sesame tofu, toasted sesame seeds, chopped cilantro,
garlic-mushrooms, bbq tofu, romaine,
HOT water for softening the rice-paper wrappers,
bay shrimp, lightly-stir-fried-broccoli.
i bought some bean sprouts, but they
froze in my crap tiny bar fridge.
that's what i get for buying sprouts.
they are so easy to make.

mike did this part cause he has a knack for it.
he says it's easiest if you put the sauces
(we used peanut and/or sweet chili)
down first.
then lettuce.

tofu, mushrooms,


brokly and cilantro,

toasty sesamies.

then roll like a pro with one hand tied behind your back.
just kidding, i asked him to move a hand away
so i could see what was going on.

almost there...
the soft,sticky roll will stick to itself at this point,
as long as there is no sauce in the way!

you don't have to put the sauce inside.
you can dip after.
but i guarantee you end up with food bits in your dip.

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