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Monday, January 24, 2011


there ain't no salad
like a coleslaw.
especially in the winter, because it just feels right.
it's seasonal.
my coleslaw must have
green cabbage,
and apple.
and some toasty seeds.
such as pumpkin and sunflower.

as for dressing,
i just do it the way my mom and gramma have done it and tastes good to me:
(we happen to have fancy vinegar around these days,
such as strawberry. any kind will do)
pepper and salt
mustard powder
garlic powder
lime or lemon juice

some people are really against mayo in the slaw.
i say these people are crazy.
it's delicious.
but you can always use oil instead.
you know the drill here.
there are no rules.

i didn't put the apple right in,
because it browns so fast.
so i just cut up enough for what we were going to eat right away.
but the carrot and cabbage are still good the next day.

this will be a great lunch tomorrow.
at my job.

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