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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


made a few cupcakes for a bake sale t'other day.
they were yummy.
and also easy.

i used the standard mayo cake recipe.
it's sooo fast and easy and moist and dericious.

for these i added cocoa,
some nutella,
if i had enough hazelnuts i would have put some in
but i only had enough for garnish.
the icing was butter, nutella, icing sugar, water till the right consistency.

these were orange,
so i used oj instead of water,
and orange zest.
the icing was
icing sugar,
orange zest.

these ones i added banana,
1/2 coconut milk 1/2 water,
lime juice,
lime zest.
the icing was icing sugar,
butter(would have used coconut oil if i had it),
lime zest,
toasted coconut,
coconut milk.

these were supposed to be vanilla cupcakes,
but i think the oven was too hot
or they overcooked a bit and they tasted too dark.
so i made a darkish icing,
icing sugar,

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