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Thursday, February 17, 2011


i love parmesean.
actually i like cheese in general.
but i do have 2 kinds of parmesean going.

i try to eat seasonally,
and locally,
but i just can't go all winter without romaine
(any head of lettuce will do really,
as long as it's got the crunchy rib).
and lemons aren't growing here anytime soon.
to be honest, i can't go more than about a week without a caesar,
and it's usually 1 or 2 heads big.
some tell me that's almost too much salad.
but i say nay.

i tried the traditional caesar dressing
of emulsifying an egg yolk and oil,
but i like my standard
where you just shake the ingredients in a bottle or jar.
i also recently tried the tubed anchovy paste,
but i don't like it.
i need real, whole, canned anchovies.
fresh lemon juice,
fresh crushed garlic,
mustard powder,
s and p,
dried herbs,
little sugar or honey,
L&P maybe,
and parmesean.
(two kinds helps)

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