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Saturday, February 12, 2011


these are beyond good.
they are pretty incredible.
especially hot out of the oven

if making bread is unfamiliar to you,
and you will feel your confidence level rise to 100%.
thanks chef john!

you can totally use whole wheat,
add things like wheat germ,
ground flax,
or whatever hippie-additives you want to make them healthier.
but sometimes i like them with white flour,
extra honey and butter,
even extra eggs or yolks,
and then they taste kinda like a honey bun!
maybe next time i'll fill them with a
coco-nutty-sugar butter mixture.

it's primordial-bread soup.

excessive kneading is unnecessary if you want
a very tender texture.

instead of oil at this step,
try melted butter.
it's a good idea.

i usually tie them in knots,
and cover them in poppy and sesame seeds.
then i can fool people into thinking that they're challah buns.
but not this time.

oh man.
how can you resist?
i can't.

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