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Monday, February 21, 2011


the "three sisters" is a companion planting term for
beans, squash and corn.
you plant the squash at the base of the corn,
as a kind of soil shade to keep the moisture in.
the beans you also plant at the base so they can use the sturdy corn for climbing.

turns out,
those three things make an amazing combination,
especially as burrito filling.
but this time i just did two of them.
i recommend butternut, buttercup, hubbard or tivoli/carnival.
probably anything but spaghetti, because it would fall apart.

there's no recipe for this really.
i peel and chop the squash,
toss it with
chili and or smoked paprika
salt and peppa
maple syrup
lime juice
etc etc.
roast till soft
but not mushy, please.

then use the same pan for the corn.
fresh works best
but frozen is a close second.
the canned stuff is kinda mushy
and contains less nutrients than the frozen stuff,
but will work if that's all ya got.
i understand.
whichever you use,
roast it alot.
it will get brown in spots and it's such a great texture.

if you have beans and want to add them i highly recommend it.
black, kidney, pinto, even garbanzo.
then add alot of cilantro and other fresh herbs if ya got em.
i call this a "salad"
cuz it's delicious cold like this out of the fridge,
but also great in a burrito with melty cheese,
or eaten with tortilla chips or nachos,
or with some scrambled eggs,
or with a soft poached egg on top,
or with some rice...

oh the possibilties

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