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Thursday, March 3, 2011


no pictures of these,
because i just can't capture the deliciousness on film.
just make them. please dear god make them.
with some major alterations.

number 1. doubled recipe.

#2. no milk. BEER. a very dark, some say undrinkable 9%beer.

#3. no extra egg yolk, for the doubled recipe i used 3 eggs.

#4. all brown sugar.
def maple woulda been good.
next time.

#5. not nearly 4 c of berry.
more like 2.
not because i didn't want to, but it was all i had.
and it was mixed berry.
some call that bumble berry.
but that sounds like a drunk berry that stumbles into things.
so i say mixed.

#6. cinnamon and brown sugar in the struesel.

#7. drizzle maple syrup on em RIGHT when they come outta the oven!!!@!

tip: you don't want a very runny batter,
because with all the liquid in the fruit they won't cook.
so don't be afraid if the batter seems thick.
it's a good thing.

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