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Friday, March 11, 2011


uh oh.
it's been awhile.

bought these at a farmer's market in vancouver.
that's the ONE thing,
(and i mean one)
that vancouver has over the island.
winter farmers markets.
but duncan is kinda far.

they also had my fave nut,
locally grown and freshly roasted.
OH MAN so delicious.
i know there's a hazelnut farm in saanich.
grab them if and when you can.
they are incredible.

i was inspired by this.
i honestly cant remember what i put in mine.
all i know is i cooked the emmer in water (like pasta)
for about 1/2 hr,
sauteed some veg,
mixed it all together with pesto,
topped it with cheese and walnuts.
baked it.

emmer tastes like rice,
but is way higher in protein and good stuff.

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