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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

homemade peanut butter cups

i def didn't make enough of these.
it was really difficult to do with 3 room mates
hovering around eating the ingredients as i was working,
and then scarfing half of them immediately.

basically all you need is some nice chocolate,
(the blocks of milk chocolate "callebaut" from thrifty's
are super delish, by the way:
a big bowl of that stuff melted,
jar of PB
and a spoon
and you've got a great movie-watching snack.)

but ya, where was i?
oh ya some chocolate,
some PB,
some icing sugar.
you wanna mix some of that into the pb to stiffen it,
and it's helpful to use on your fingers to flatten out balls of PB.

if you haven't figured it out by now,
just put some muffin cups into a muffin pan,
put some melted choco in them,
(about 2 teaspoons? whatever - make them any size you want!)
spread it around the bottom,
take a ball of PB and flatten it out,
it should be the size of the muffin cup,
cover with more choco,
chill till you can hold it and eat it with come civility.

there's something about these ingredients being all
flattened out together that just make them irresistible
and even more delicious than off a spoon.

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