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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bacon Egg Sandwich on a Cheesy Bacon Bun

found these at my new local corner store. SCORE!
sure it's bacon bits, but hey, at least they're vegetarian.
(yep bacon bits don't usually contain any meat. kinda weird.)

this sandwich was as delicious as it looks.
that's my famous maple bacon.
mm mmm.

i prefer a simple guac to just a smashed avo.
that's just me.

also in the mix was an egg (duh)
and mayo

in a perfect world,
i would have a side of hollandaise for dipping.
next time.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time is an Illusion...

...that's my excuse, i mean reason, for not posting anything in 6 months.
especially after i was all like: "i'm totally gunna post something soon and it's gunna be sooo awesum..."

the sad thing is, i HAVE been cooking. i just HAVEN'T been taking pictures of that process or it's results.
like just two weekends ago, i got a 20 lb pork leg roast, bone in, rubbed it all over with a marmalade-marinade, tossed it in the oven at 8pm (guess what pork roasts take 26 minutes/lb), hacked it apart at 4 am, and the next day i stewed it with tomatoes, salsa, spices, made some roasted corn, sauteed squash, rice, and rolled 62 burritos to be frozen and eaten conveniently whenever i am hungry but don't want to cook. making your own frozen burritos is super neato. also, i did some math (be cool - stay in school), and they only cost $1.60 EACH!!! for a big, fat burrito stuffed with delicious, tender pork, old cheddar, rice, beans and veg!!! obviously you could put anything in them you wanted. there is no limit to the combinations of filling. believe it or not, they are almost half gone. as soon as they are i will make 60 more and make sure there is PHOTO DOCUMENTATION so you can follow more easily what went on.

in the meantime, here's my spare time to-do list:

1. once the snow clears up, order cookies from cookiedrop. he delivers you fresh-baked cookies on a bicycle while wearing a nice suit. aw.

2. go to the victoria winter market in market square.

3. seedy saturday! feb 18th!

5. make the pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls again and freeze them. burritos and cinnamon rolls any. time. i. want.

6. eat more lentils.

7. have a fondue night. cheese, that is.

8. try replacing white and brown sugar with coconut palm sugar.

9. make marshmallows again.

10. eat beets. i haven't had one in months and i have a craving.

11. make soup! preferably one with squash and/or cheese and/or apples..

12. like cookiedrop but with pies!

13. make a legit grubstake post. see you soon!

Friday, August 5, 2011


so lately people have been like:
"michelle, what's up with your blog,
there hasn't been a post in like a million years."

and i've been like: "yeah. i know. sorry.
what, you actually read this piece of $h..."

well, see, the reason is that i
kinda lost my little digital camera.
the one what i take all the pictures with.
so i haven't been taking any pictures of
all the extravagant food i've been making.
but for now i will get creative so as to keep you entertained.



i made some pasta.
like, the noodles themselves.
with sauce and stuff.

and it was delish.
but hell if i remember what all was on it!

sure looks purdy though, don't it?


so, i've made this twice in the last month or so.
and both times everyone that ate it was like:

(p.s. i love pioneer woman but who needs that many pictures?
it's a little over kill doncha think?
it makes me feel pretty dumb when i read it.
especially the ones of her just adding salt or pepper or something.
it's like, yeah, i don't need a diagram on that. thanks.)

an here's the thing.
it's not like this is hard to make.

"but michelle, i've never made bread
and this involves making dough.
i don't think i can do thaaaat."

shut up. yes you can.
it's easily the easiest part of this whole operation.
and did i mention you can make the dough at any time,
and store it in the fridge for up to a couple of days?
that's right.
no excuses.

it doesn't feel right to call this pizza.
it's a taco. on a pizza crust.
pizza taco?
tomayto / tomahto i guess.

pizza-cooking tips:
1. oil and cornmeal the pan.
2. pizza likes to be cooked HOT and FAST. so don't use
a fancy aluminum, even-bake cookie sheet like stupid me did.
use something thin that cooks hot.
3. cook at a min of 375. 400 is better.

the best part is all the fresh stuff you put on later...
just like a real taco!

Monday, June 13, 2011


if you've never ventured into the magical land of savory pancakes
or french toast
and have been hiding in the safe,
unassuming world of sweet versions of those things.
you need to take a trip.

this is just some tzatziki mike was whippin up.
we always have tzatziki around.
but ours is more like a garlicky/herby yoghurt.
and i'm fine with that.
and use an entire container of yogurt,
then just put it right back in the same container.

but back to the pancakes.
so we scored a ton of leftovers from a turkey dinner at mom an dad's.
made some pancake batter (minus the sugar and cinnamon)
added some turkey bits,
cran sauce,
etc etc.

shot of tequila, dins, and movies.


this happened awhile ago,
so forgive me for lack of specifics here.

but the idea's pretty simple,
let's start from the bottom shall we?
as you can see i browned some butter,
pored it over a layer of rhubarb slices in the bottom of a big pan,
then i probs sprinkled some brown sugar over top.

then i totes made a cake with mango mash in it.
poured that over the rhubarb.

then i made some quick granola for the top.
put yo
oats, seeds (opt), nuts (opt), wheat germ (opt), ground flax (opt),
in a bowl.
melt together some
butter, honey/sugar, cinnamon and spices
in a pot.
pour that over the oat mixture and stir well.
pack over the top of the cake .

when it's done it will look like this!
but then when you flip it over it will be an amazing, delicious, oozy cake
with crumbly bits on the bottom.