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Friday, January 28, 2011


this is just a reminder,

save your veg scraps and whatnot

so you can make soup stock.
(that kinda looks like wonton doesn't it?)
it's making me hungry....

it can be anything.
the last one i made included:
onion skins
carrot ends and peel
broccoli stalk
cauliflower stem and leaves and core
cilantro stems
apple cores/peels
some salt

don't be throwin away perfectly good nutrients and flavour.


this is probably my favourite soup.
a creamy butternut or
hearty mulligatawny
would be tied for deliciousness.
but this is by far the easiest.
i mean, all soup is easy.
but this is the easiest.
and the most delicious.
it wins all the awards.

i don't know who "Gary" is,
or why i call it that,
because my friend Tina introduced me to it.
i think Gary was a friend of hers.
he was on to something.
this was our SOS soup at the Demitasse when we
didn't have a lot of time or supplies,
cuz we always had the ingredients lying around
and it requires almost no effort.
but the people loved it!

you will probably have the ingredients in the cupboard.
but here it is:
(sautee it obv)(with butter or oil or WHATEVER. you know i don't care.)
something like but not necessarily:
dried herbs
then there's one weird thing
you probably don't have but should,
and you can do it without
but it's really somethin else if you can find it:
lime leaves
sounds weird i know but they have em at thriftys with the fresh herbs,
and you can freeze whatever you don't use and they will last a looooong time.
canned tomatoes
(any kind - diced, whole, crushed whatever YOU want.)
broth, maybe, if you want it thinner
coconut milk
lime juice
(or serve it with a wedge)
i always add other vegetables
(this time it was a yam)
to add oomph.

that's it.
i know, right?
next time you're starving and your brain doesn't have the
power to think creatively about what to do with
pantry supplies,
find your soup haven.

next time you're at the store,
or in sri lanka,
grab some lime leaves and keep them in your freezer.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


if you've never worked with them before,
i recommend lookin through them
and if you see any that don't look like the others,
or like they might be little stones
(apparently sometimes there are stones but i've never gotten one)
take em out!
but you don't have to be super picky.
with lentils, it's not about individuality.

put some in a pot (however much you want to eat
p.s. they don't expand a lot like beans and rice)
and just cover with water or stock.
bring to a boil.
turn down a little.
add water if you need to.
cook 25 min or so.
all lentils are different.
google it if you need more information.

however, if you want to make a lentil stew,
cook them for 15 min,
then add a ton of veg and stuff.
i like to cook the onions separately so they get all delicious.
and i made some meatballs, then deglazed the pan and through them in
with their juices.
above is lentils that have cooked for 15 min or so,
then i added
a cooked onion (with like a lot of spices...
sweet potato,
an apple,
and other stuff i can't remember cause i made it yesterday okay?
i love meatballs made with sausage meat.
it's so tasty.
the best is if you have frozen sausage,
just run it under hot water
till the casing slips off easily,
then chop em up into chunks (like above)
and toss em in a hot pan with a lil grease.

till they look like that.

then toss em into your big pot of stew,
put a lil water in the HOT pan,
to get all the drippings,
and spatula all that in.
oh ya.
that's what im talking about on an 8 degree, rainy victoria day.

Monday, January 24, 2011


there ain't no salad
like a coleslaw.
especially in the winter, because it just feels right.
it's seasonal.
my coleslaw must have
green cabbage,
and apple.
and some toasty seeds.
such as pumpkin and sunflower.

as for dressing,
i just do it the way my mom and gramma have done it and tastes good to me:
(we happen to have fancy vinegar around these days,
such as strawberry. any kind will do)
pepper and salt
mustard powder
garlic powder
lime or lemon juice

some people are really against mayo in the slaw.
i say these people are crazy.
it's delicious.
but you can always use oil instead.
you know the drill here.
there are no rules.

i didn't put the apple right in,
because it browns so fast.
so i just cut up enough for what we were going to eat right away.
but the carrot and cabbage are still good the next day.

this will be a great lunch tomorrow.
at my job.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


biscotti is my favourite cookie.
i would take a biscotti over choco chip any day.

this is a recipe my mom has been making my whole life,
and i think she discovered it from an
italian boss she had in the early 80's.
so it's tried and true.
but can still be altered.
cause rules are meant to be broken.

as you can see below,
the ground nut-flour ratio is high.
i think that might be part of the secret to the deliciousness.
i know it says "ground almonds"
(which you can buy in the bulk section of any grocery store)
but i didn't have any,
so i ground up
and pecans
in my vitamix.
it was slightly nut-buttery,
and it was deliciouuuusssssss.
i might make some more and have it on toast.

so, in case you've never made biscotti before,
the dough is much like other cookie doughs,
but instead of making little clumps of cookie,
you make a huge "log" shape like below:
then you bake it at 350 for 25-30 min
then you slice it up!
then lay the slices on their sides!
then bake em again at 325 for about 8 min to
kind of finish them and dry them.
if you don't like biscotti
and the only kind you've had is that
starbucks-individually-wrapped-garbage-hardtack-crappy chocolate coated
stuff they try to pass off as biscotti,
then please try these out.
you won't regret it.
you can make them as dried out as you like.
but even cooked quite a bit they are tender and
soft and not tooth-destroying.
and they are sooooooooooo good dunked in anything.

Friday, January 21, 2011


these doughnuts didn't go out to the shed
and smoke something illegal.
in case that's what you were thinking.
no no no.
these are just a slightly healthier(?) version of the regular doughnut,
which is deep-fried.
but these are still really good!
they're kind of like a cross between a
cupcake and a doughnut.

unfortunately you will need a doughnut pan.
they are hard to find in stores,

the batter is SOOOOOO easy.
something like this,
but alter it however you wish.
1 c flour
1/2 c sugar or honey or something sweet
1 t powder
pinch salt
1/2 liquid (water, milk etc)
vanilla or vanilla bean
1 egg
1 or more T melted butter
don't over mix.
i recommend using a bag to pipe the batter into the pan.
iz waaaaay easier.
bake 4-7 min at 400F

i got the idea here,
then ordered myself a doughnut pan for xmas.

it was totally worth it.

it's pretty awesome to make 7 or 8 dozen
at a time
and glaze and sprinkle them all
and give them out to people whom you want
to be friends with.
or people who are friends already,
just to maintain that relationship.

i don't have a great camera for food photography,
but these donuts are chocolatey glazed and pink glazed.
regular glaze:
4 parts icing sugar
1 part melted butter
water till thin enough to dip donuts
food colouring

chocolatey glaze:
3 parts icing sugar
2 parts cocoa (sifted, trust me)
1 part melted butter
water till blah blah blah

woah fish-eye donuts!

these beauts we made for new years
i like the blue icing.

oh. herroooo sprinkles.
it did get completed.
and it was awesome.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


started my first day at the new job today.
i'm a delivery girl.
well i will be soon, i'm still training so don't
ask me to deliver you anything just yet.

first step of salad rolls is to make all the yummy fillings.
this may include some cooking...

(clockwise from top left):
sesame tofu, toasted sesame seeds, chopped cilantro,
garlic-mushrooms, bbq tofu, romaine,
HOT water for softening the rice-paper wrappers,
bay shrimp, lightly-stir-fried-broccoli.
i bought some bean sprouts, but they
froze in my crap tiny bar fridge.
that's what i get for buying sprouts.
they are so easy to make.

mike did this part cause he has a knack for it.
he says it's easiest if you put the sauces
(we used peanut and/or sweet chili)
down first.
then lettuce.

tofu, mushrooms,


brokly and cilantro,

toasty sesamies.

then roll like a pro with one hand tied behind your back.
just kidding, i asked him to move a hand away
so i could see what was going on.

almost there...
the soft,sticky roll will stick to itself at this point,
as long as there is no sauce in the way!

you don't have to put the sauce inside.
you can dip after.
but i guarantee you end up with food bits in your dip.


i know what you're thinking.
"wtf is a lunch muffin?"
well it's stuff all held together with
flour and egg
in a muffin shape
that you can eat for lunch.
it's a savory muffin is what i'm saying.
these were just going to be your run-of-the-mill
but then i realized i had some frozen peas to use up,
some jicama,
and scraps of sour cream and cream cheese.
we all know how good apple and cheese are together.
well the jicama is similar to the apple.
these muffins are like a quiche-y,
vegetabley bread.
i'm not selling them so good am i?
next time i will def put some apple chunks in too.
did you know it's Popeye Day?
(hence the spinach in the muffins).
i cooked all the liquid out of the veg,
so you don't end up with soggy muffins.
this woulda been good on it's own....
i think chopping up the cheese for stuff like this,
or scones,
is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better cause
you get bigger, melty cheesey bits.
mmmm melty cheesey bits.
mix it up!
but not too much!
the dough for these is thicker than normal muffin batter.
don't go adding a ton of water,
there is still liquid in those veg that will help out in the oven.
so i basically made this recipe,
but less cheese,
more salt,
and like 3 cups cooked veg.