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Thursday, March 24, 2011


sorry it's been so long.
life has gotten suddenly very busy.
but enough about me.

i wanted to give you my current recipe for nut milk.

i have a regular-sized juice pitched to which i add:
2 handfuls of oats
3 handfuls of nuts or seeds (pecan, walnut, almond)
3-5 dates
then filled with water.

soaks over night in the fridge,
then BLEND THAT $#!T.

straining trick:
strain first through your mesh strainer
then re-strain with cheesecloth.
result is a silky smooth, granulate free milk.

feed the mush leftovers to your chickens.
it's their fave thing.

Friday, March 11, 2011


uh oh.
it's been awhile.

bought these at a farmer's market in vancouver.
that's the ONE thing,
(and i mean one)
that vancouver has over the island.
winter farmers markets.
but duncan is kinda far.

they also had my fave nut,
locally grown and freshly roasted.
OH MAN so delicious.
i know there's a hazelnut farm in saanich.
grab them if and when you can.
they are incredible.

i was inspired by this.
i honestly cant remember what i put in mine.
all i know is i cooked the emmer in water (like pasta)
for about 1/2 hr,
sauteed some veg,
mixed it all together with pesto,
topped it with cheese and walnuts.
baked it.

emmer tastes like rice,
but is way higher in protein and good stuff.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


no pictures of these,
because i just can't capture the deliciousness on film.
just make them. please dear god make them.
with some major alterations.

number 1. doubled recipe.

#2. no milk. BEER. a very dark, some say undrinkable 9%beer.

#3. no extra egg yolk, for the doubled recipe i used 3 eggs.

#4. all brown sugar.
def maple woulda been good.
next time.

#5. not nearly 4 c of berry.
more like 2.
not because i didn't want to, but it was all i had.
and it was mixed berry.
some call that bumble berry.
but that sounds like a drunk berry that stumbles into things.
so i say mixed.

#6. cinnamon and brown sugar in the struesel.

#7. drizzle maple syrup on em RIGHT when they come outta the oven!!!@!

tip: you don't want a very runny batter,
because with all the liquid in the fruit they won't cook.
so don't be afraid if the batter seems thick.
it's a good thing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


there is no sugar in these cookies.

it's all honey,
and a tablespoon of molasses for that darker flavour.

then i cooked em 3 different ways.
first, (and above),
in balls that didn't flatten out
and also that got a little dark on the top.
but they were tasty!
(the bottom element of my oven doesn't work
so it makes baking an adventure,
but for cookies it means a perfect balance
of crispy top and chewy bottom.)

next slightly flattened balls.
they looked quintessential.
but not enough chips....

oh ya.
there we go.
double the chips,
and really flattened out.

1 c butter
1 1/3 c honey
1 or 2 T molasses
2 eggs
just over 3 c flour
1 t soda
2 + c chips (i incorporated a chopped up
ginger-choco bar that i
didn't like very much)
1 c sunflower or pumpkin seeds


guess the object.
it involves food.

if you guessed ravioli rolling pin,
you're correct!
i have been on the hunt for one of these babies.
this one is especially pretty.

old school kitchy containers.
i had just washed them and they are missing their dark brown lids.
and they probably won't contain the items they claim,
except for the cookie one of course!

i love me a bag of 30 or 40 pens for under $2.
surprisingly, most work.
good steal.


we're talkin soup.
any kind.
i happened to have some red barn bacon ends
in the freezer.
perfect start to a soup.

meat is a nice way to add flavour to soup.
the great part is,
you don't need much.
i like meat.
but in small quantities.

the trick is to brown that meat.
even burn it a little.
and for heaven's sake, no teflon please.
otherwise you ain't goin down to flavour country.

bacon, flour, onions,
yams, carrots, celeries,
herbs, spices,
broth, canned crushed tomato,
fresh herbs.