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Monday, June 13, 2011


if you've never ventured into the magical land of savory pancakes
or french toast
and have been hiding in the safe,
unassuming world of sweet versions of those things.
you need to take a trip.

this is just some tzatziki mike was whippin up.
we always have tzatziki around.
but ours is more like a garlicky/herby yoghurt.
and i'm fine with that.
and use an entire container of yogurt,
then just put it right back in the same container.

but back to the pancakes.
so we scored a ton of leftovers from a turkey dinner at mom an dad's.
made some pancake batter (minus the sugar and cinnamon)
added some turkey bits,
cran sauce,
etc etc.

shot of tequila, dins, and movies.


this happened awhile ago,
so forgive me for lack of specifics here.

but the idea's pretty simple,
let's start from the bottom shall we?
as you can see i browned some butter,
pored it over a layer of rhubarb slices in the bottom of a big pan,
then i probs sprinkled some brown sugar over top.

then i totes made a cake with mango mash in it.
poured that over the rhubarb.

then i made some quick granola for the top.
put yo
oats, seeds (opt), nuts (opt), wheat germ (opt), ground flax (opt),
in a bowl.
melt together some
butter, honey/sugar, cinnamon and spices
in a pot.
pour that over the oat mixture and stir well.
pack over the top of the cake .

when it's done it will look like this!
but then when you flip it over it will be an amazing, delicious, oozy cake
with crumbly bits on the bottom.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

slothcat. meow!

hard to believe.
we're pretty different.
i swear alot, pretty cynical, crass etc etc.

and she's like a beautiful blonde angel
being all whimsical with food and stuff.

also she doesn't tell you how stupid you are
if you don't know how to make soup,
or can't make a smoothie without a recipe.

she's kind.
and makes good stuff.

so check her out.
not like that!
i mean check out her blog.


when it comes to sammiches,
i go all out.
i make flavoured cream cheeses (you can buy those if you are lazy/really freaking hungry),
i mandoline up entire cukes.
olive tapenade is delicious and easy.
i sautee mushrooms.
i bust up goat cheese, some times with sun dried toms.
i massacre some herbs and make me some pesto.
(i've been re-watching the wire, can you tell?)

hung over on a saturday,
all i wanna do is make a million ingredients
(i'm working on a spreadsheet - no joke)
and make the best damn sammich(es),
and then relax in the sun and let vitamin d help me out with my head ache.
'specially dees ones.

that right there is a
goat brie.
sauteed mushroom.
veggie pate'.
on a toasted portuguese bun.

dat was tasty.
fo sho'.
the veggie pate' was a little overkill though with everything else.
but i have no regrets.

that monstrosity was a
xtra old chedda.
cilantro and parsley.
veggie pate.

"this might be the best sandwich i've ever had."
- james

iced coffee (booze optional but encouraged)

i finally figured it out.
the secret to the best iced coffee, that is.

make coffee.
(i make a 4-shot espresso-ish thing in my bialetti.)
sweeten while it's STILL WARM people.
(that way the sugar/honey/whatevs actually dissolves)
like in an ice cube tray.
oh ya.
that's right.

for the coffee drink on display,
i used my frozen cubes,
(coffee math time: 4 shots makes 12 cubes, so 3 cubes = one shot)
some coffee liqueur,

ya know how commercial iced drinks always have that amazing texture
and taste
and consistency?
i couldn't believe it.
i guess because you're not watering down the whole mess with ice.
water-ice cubes are so old fashioned.
i'm only making coffee and juice cubes from now on!
(p.s. juice cubes are for your juice so it stays juicy,
or to have with rum so it stays...rummy.)

tis a thing of beauty.
a delicious, boozy beauty.

asparagus soup

i looooove asparagus.
and i loooove soup.
but enough about me.
go make this soup!

soup recipes make me crazy.
if you can't improvise a soup,
you either shouldn't be in the kitchen,
or you ain't been there long.

but if you're clueless,
or maybe just feeling a bit brain dead today,
this recipe is about as close to what i did that i can find.